Can Regular Maintenance on a Motorcycle Prevent Accidents?

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A man in a repair shop is performing regular motorcycle maintenance.

Can regular maintenance on a motorcycle prevent accidents? Yes, it is accurate that regular maintenance on a motorcycle can aid in the prevention of accidents. While regularly maintaining your bike cannot prevent all accidents, it is a surefire way to avoid accidents caused by mechanical issues. If you have taken on the responsibility of owning a motorcycle, you must regularly maintain your bike. Many individuals may scoff at the notion of taking a bike in if nothing is wrong with it. Yet, regular motorcycle maintenance is the key to preventing significant issues down the line and ensuring that you remain safe on the road. Routine motorcycle maintenance is essential to saving money in the long run and keeping you and others safe out on the road.

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Motorcycle Accident Prevention

There are several motorcycle maintenance suggestions that every motorcycle owner should keep in mind to aid in motorcycle accident prevention. Improper maintenance or a lack of maintenance entirely can jeopardize your health, the health of your bike, and the lives of those who depend on you. Taking care of your motorcycle regularly is one of the number one ways you may prevent an accident as a motorcycle rider.

Oil Changes

Taking your bike in for regular oil changes is just as important as ensuring that the oil is changed on your car. Fresh oil is essential to the proper functioning of your engine. Refer to your owner’s manual or look online for the specific oil change interval suggested for your bike. Typically, motorcycle riders will need to get their oil changed annually. Those who frequently make long-distance rides need to change it more frequently. Additionally, you should check to make sure your oil and fluids are at the level they should be before hopping on your motorcycle. Finally, periodically check for droplets falling underneath your bike, as this could indicate that your motorcycle has a leak.

The Drive Chain

Drive chains serve the function of transferring the engine’s power to the rear wheel and are essential to the smooth operation of the bike. However, if the drive chain is not regularly maintained, the bike’s back wheel can have inconsistencies. A motorcycle with an impaired drive change is extremely dangerous to ride. Check the tension on the drive chain to ensure it is kept at an appropriate range. In addition, it is essential to perform regular maintenance on the drive chain itself to ensure that it is properly lubricated and that all parts of the drive chain are saturated with lubricant.

Brake Care

Good working brakes are essential to motorcycle riding safety. Check the functioning of your brakes before every ride. You should also monitor the fluid level in your brakes regularly. As a general rule, brake fluid should be replaced annually. When taking your bike in for regular maintenance, you should also have brake pads inspected. Brake pads should be regularly replaced. Riding with impaired brakes can be extremely dangerous.

Wheels and Tires

Before going on a ride, you should check out your wheels and tires to ensure that they have decent tread and air pressure. If your tires are a bit low, add more air. The ideal tire air pressure for motorcycles is 35 to 41 PSI for all bikes. Checking tire pressure should be done regularly, just as you would for a car. Gas mileage will be improved with proper air pressure. Additionally, tires will wear down at an even rate with proper air pressure, extending the tire’s life. If one of the tires has inadequate tire pressure, it can lead to a tire wearing down prematurely.

Controls & Other Components

Ensure that all controls and bike components, including the handlebars, throttle, pedals, and hoses, are in good working order. If you suspect or notice an issue, it is best to diagnose it immediately.

Electronics and Lights

Just as it is essential to check the lights on your car to ensure that no bulbs have burnt out, it is crucial to regularly inspect your bike’s lights to ensure that they are all in working order. However, suppose you notice any electrical issues, such as frayed wires or other electrical malfunctions. In that case, it is vital to have your bike looked at by a knowledgeable professional regarding how to repair the problem safely.

Frame and Suspension

Finally, you will want to check out your suspension, belt, fasteners, and frame regularly. While some riders will have the mechanical knowledge and experience to fix any issues at home, it is best to take your motorcycle to a local mechanic so that a shop can ensure that the bike is appropriately taken care of.

How To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Knowing how to prevent motorcycle accidents is key to safe riding. Although it can be a slight inconvenience to check out your bike regularly for any sign of any trouble, the process of regularly inspecting and maintaining your motorcycle should not take long once you know what you are on the lookout for. Ensuring that you regularly maintain your bike and periodically check for any sign of mechanical issues is integral to maintaining your safety while riding and preventing a motorcycle accident. Mechanical issues or malfunctions such as an electrical issue or a tire blowout can be the difference between life and death when out on the road.

What Maintenance Does a Motorcycle Need

Many riders may wonder, “What maintenance does a motorcycle need?”, especially if they are new to riding. Regular maintenance of your motorcycle and regularly ensuring that your bike has good tires and brakes, regularly receiving oil changes, and is taken in for repairs at the first sign of an issue is one of the top ways you can ensure that you avoid getting into an accident while out on the road. However, even with proper maintenance, accidents can still occur.

When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The aftermath can be extremely stressful if you or a loved one has become involved in a motorcycle accident. Dealing with doctors, insurers, and mechanics can be burdensome. However, the experienced motorcycle accident injury attorneys at Tatum & Atkinson, ‘the Heavy Hitters,’ are available to help. With over 65 combined years of experience in representing personal injury victims to ensure they get the compensation they deserve, the personal injury attorneys at Tatum & Atkinson are available to speak to you about the specifics of your case. Call (800) 529-0804 or contact us online to receive your free, no-obligation case evaluation.