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Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A person should be able to walk the streets without the fear of suffering a major injury due to another person’s negligence. Unfortunately, this does happen. And when it does, the results can be devastating. At Tatum & Atkins PLLC, we specialize in car wrecks and personal injury and have helped numerous clients over the years get the compensated for the injuries that they suffer when they’ve been hit by a vehicle while walking. If you want us to be involved in your personal injury issues, we approach you with compassion for the difficult situation you’re in and with dedication to make sure that you receive the most compensation possible.

Assess Your Damages

When a pedestrian gets hurt in an accident, it’s often difficult for them to correctly determine how much medical care they really need. And with this lack of knowledge, the accident victim then accepts too little compensation from the party who caused the harm, which leaves them stuck paying expenses from their own pocket.

To avoid this awful scenario, our lawyers take a snapshot of your injuries and evaluate your damages and losses. Because we don’t take on cases in other subject areas and concentrate solely on personal injury, you can feel secure that our assessment is sound and based on good judgment and years of experience.

Gathering Evidence

It’s critical for your case that you obtain evidence to show that your injuries are caused by the other party. This will likely include gathering and examining your accident report, locating, and interviewing witnesses who saw what happened and working with accident reconstruction specialists, if needed. If there is traffic camera footage of the accident, your attorney can also help you gain access to this content.

Determining Who is At Fault

North Carolina is an at fault state when it comes to vehicle accident claims, whether the vehicle in question collides with another vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or a pedestrian. In other words, the at-fault party must pay for all accident associated expenses for the victim; this seems obvious and apparent. However, it isn’t always straight-forward because there’s a lot of disputes about who is in the wrong due to the at fault party’s refusal to be held accountable for paying for the accident under North Carolina’s at fault system.

How to Prove Your North Carolina Pedestrian Accident Case

If you want to come away from your pedestrian accident with the financial compensation that you deserve, this is what you need to show:

  • That the other party owed you a reasonable duty of care
  • That the other party’s action breached their duty of care
  • That the other party’s breach of care caused your injury
  • That you suffered actual damages (medical bills, lost wages) from the injury

To prove these elements, our lawyers will engage the appropriate parties to unlock these items. When we go to work for you, we’re pleased to vigorously assist with this exploration.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

As a way to successfully negotiate with insurance companies, your lawyer will probably have to undergo a thorough investigation of your accident. It usually gives the insurance companies the go-ahead to cooperate and negotiate with you when they realize that you have a knowledgeable attorney involved in your case. Alternatively, your attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf if the other party’s insurance company won’t negotiate or denies your accident claim.

North Carolina Pedestrian Accident Statistics

It’s important to have some background information and to understand data about how often these types of injuries and death occurs when it comes to pedestrian accidents in North Carolina.

  • More than 3,000 pedestrians are hit by vehicles in North Carolina annually.
  • About 10% of struck pedestrians were killed.
  • The number of pedestrians killed motor vehicle crashes increased from 153 to 235 in a 10-year span per North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in North Carolina

If you’re involved in a pedestrian accident in NC, here are some of the most common causes:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Fatigued driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Driver made unsafe turns
  • Badly marked crosswalks
  • Poor visibility

The Expenses Covered by Your Injury Claim

You may not be aware of which specific expenses are covered by your personal injury claim. In addition to the medical expenses for surgery and emergency medical care immediately after your accident, you can also get money for future medical treatment including:

  • Follow-up doctor’s visits
  • Follow-up surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medications

Common Injuries for North Carolina Pedestrian Accident Victims

Pedestrians have a greater likelihood to be killed or seriously injured when they are struck by cars or other vehicles as compared to individuals who are occupying motor vehicles when they’re hit. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable, as they are unprotected from vehicles or protective gear.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

When a pedestrian is in an accident, they can hit their head against the pavement or another solid object and will often sustain some type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Some of the symptoms (which can last anywhere from a few days to several decades) might include:

  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Memory loss
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

Spinal Cord Injuries

Many pedestrian accident victims get admitted to the hospital with spinal cord injuries after experiencing trauma to their backs and have symptoms such as:

  • Loss of bladder control
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Numbness
  • Paralysis
  • Problems breathing

Internal Organ Injuries

Walkers who get struck by a car or truck, often experience trauma in the torso area. This strain causes injury to the internal organs, including the heart, lungs, liver, and intestines.

Facial Disfigurement

It’s not unusual for a pedestrian accident to leave victims with scars, broken bones, and other types of facial disfigurement. This affliction can be especially painful, both physically and psychologically, so generally, plastic surgery and psychiatric care go hand in hand for rehabilitation.


Accident victims often endure injury to their arms and legs. When the physician can’t treat the injury or in other extreme cases, unfortunately, amputation is the end result.

Protect Your Right to Compensation

 When you need an attorney who can be a strong advocate in your fight for compensation after your pedestrian accident, you can turn to Tatum & Atkins. We understand how to take on insurance companies and will be straight forward and forthcoming about the strength of your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.