What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get in Accidents?

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A motorcycle rider is in an accident.

It is commonly known that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, but what factors make this statement accurate, and in what ways may risk be reduced? When considering what percentage of motorcyclists are involved in an accident, it is essential to understand that the percentage is not as clear-cut as may be imagined. There are varying factors that go into motorcycle accident statistics, and a large number of motorcycle collisions may remain unreported. Read below to find out more regarding what factors may make a rider more likely to get into an accident, what percentage of motorcyclists become involved in a collision, and how you may avoid getting into a motorcycle crash.

What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get in Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 5,000 motorcycle riders die on our roads each year in the U.S. Additionally, in the U.S., an impressive number of citizens are registered motorcycle riders, totaling 13,158,100 riders in 2018 (Motorcycle Industry Council 2018). This statistic becomes even more interesting when you consider that the current number of fatalities represents only 0.0378% of all registered motorcyclists in the U.S. According to the NHTSA, there are 89,000 motorcycle accidents annually in the U.S. Although this is a high figure, it is derived primarily from hospitalized riders. It does not provide a breakdown of actual injuries sustained and those from individuals who did not seek medical treatment. Considering the above statistic, it is essential to understand that while it contains a percentage of serious injuries, it also includes superficial damage such as more minor cuts and bruising.

Additionally, the NHTSA noted that out of all motorcycle collisions involving another vehicle, 76% were head-on, and 40% were caused by left-turn accidents, a type of collision that occurs when a car encroaches on the motorcyclist’s right of way.

Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Who Crash

The 89,000 annual motorcycle accidents that happen each year on the road across the U.S. accounts for just over 1% of registered motorcycle riders. Yet, when considering this statistic, it is also essential to consider that a large percentage of minor accidents will not be reported. Hence, the actual figures are likely much higher than this. Around 5,000, or 14% of biker accidents in reported crashes, will result in fatalities – a rate that is significantly higher than passenger vehicle fatalities. As can be seen, bikers take a significant risk when riding out on the road, especially from a passenger vehicle which is more unlikely to suffer significant damage.

Luckily, help is available if you have been involved in a motorcycle crash while on the road. A car accident lawyer can assist you with getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you have been injured while riding your bike on the road, contact us today at (800) 529-0804  for a free consultation. The attorneys at Tatum & Atkinson, “The Heavy Hitters,” have over 65 years of collective experience providing justice for motorcycle accident victims.

Motorcycle Injury Statistics

When out riding your bike on the road, it is crucial to remember that should you get in a crash, your body will not be as protected as riding in a traditional passenger vehicle. Additionally, your movement when driving can be less predictable to drivers than the movements of a conventional passenger vehicle. Additionally, bikers may often become easily lost in blind spots of other motorists. These factors lead to more collisions and deaths when it comes to motorcyclists versus car accidents. Here are some additional motorcycle injury statistics:

  • In 2019, over 30% of motorcycle accident-related deaths involved unlicensed riders.
  • Nearly 41% of motorcycle accident fatalities involved riders who did not wear helmets.
  • Motorcycle crash incidences have been steadily on the decline since 2016.
  • Surprisingly, the majority of accidents involved good weather on urban roads.
  • Speeding is an element involved in over 33% of motorcycle accidents.
  • Over 15% of motorcycle accidents involved a rider who had been drinking or using drugs.
  • It is estimated that over 3.5 billion dollars could be saved by riders wearing helmets regarding motorcycle crashes and injuries.
  • Supersport bikes have a critical accident rate that is 4x higher than other types of motorcycles.
  • Motorcyclists are 29x more likely to suffer fatal injuries than other motorists.
  • Bikers crash into fixed objects at a higher rate than other vehicles.
  • Distracted driving is far more influential in car crashes than at-fault motorcyclists.

Statistics show us that riding safely and within the law is the best way to prevent motorcycle injuries. As can be seen, ensuring that you do not speed, are registered to ride, always wear a helmet, and are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol is the best way to ensure that you ride safely. These statistics have been primarily consistent over the past couple of decades, and thanks to public outreach efforts and traffic safety laws, motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities have been on the decline.

Retaining a Motorcycle Collision Attorney

Establishing a connection with a motorcycle collision attorney is highly recommended before the need to require one. Knowing you are not alone in managing a motorcycle accident case is reassuring.

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