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A blue semi truck pulling a trailer behind it as it speeds down a highway.
When Would I Need An Expert After A Trucking Accident In North Carolina?

When you’re in the middle of a trucking accident aftermath, it’s like being lost in a maze. And in North Carolina, with its crisscrossing highways and lots of big trucks, accidents like these happen quite a bit. This is where having a legal expert by…

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A green semi truck pulling a large trailer down a long flat highway road.
What Should I Do If I Suffered A Broken Bone In A Truck Accident In North Carolina?

Getting into a truck accident can be really scary and upsetting. It’s not just about feeling bad and needing a doctor, sometimes, you can get hurt pretty bad, like with broken bones. If this happens in North Carolina, you should know what to do for…

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A white semi truck transporting a large trailer behind it on a forest road.
How Much Insurance Is A Trucking Company Required To Have In North Carolina?

In the world of trucking, there are different kinds of insurance to deal with the risks and problems that come with driving big commercial trucks. These types of insurance are really important to keep trucking companies, their drivers, and the public protected. Liability Insurance Every…

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A closeup of a truck accident victim's brain scan held up against light for visibility.
What Should I Do If A Loved One Is In A Coma Because Of A Trucking Accident In North Carolina?

Dealing with the tragic and life-changing situation of a loved one being in a coma after a trucking accident is incredibly difficult. In North Carolina, just like in many other places, these accidents happen every year. While the initial shock and confusion are overwhelming, it’s…

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A team of surgeons in an operating theater performing a procedure on a patient's eye.
What Should I Do If I Suffered An Eye Injury In A Trucking Accident In North Carolina?

Truck accidents can be really bad, causing injuries that mess up a person’s life in many ways. Sometimes, in these accidents, people hurt their eyes. These eye injuries can be as simple as irritation or as serious as losing your eyesight forever. If you or…

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A truck accident lawyer calculating the value of claim for a client while reviewing a case.
How Can I Find Our If A Trucking Company Has A History Of Safety Violations In North Carolina?

The trucking industry is a crucial component of goods transportation in North Carolina and the United States as a whole. Maintaining safety standards for these sizable and powerful vehicles on the road is paramount. To safeguard yourself and other road users, it’s essential to know…

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A collision between a large, white truck and a smaller vehicle on a suburban road.
What Happens If A Loved One Is Killed In A Truck Accident In North Carolina?

Losing someone you love is incredibly painful and overwhelming. When that loss happens because of a truck accident, it brings even more challenges, like legal and money issues, on top of the grief. This happens in North Carolina, just like in many other places. In…

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The aftermath of a truck driver fatigue accident in North Carolina.
What Are The Consequences Of Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents In North Carolina?

North Carolina is a busy state with a strong economy so it often depends heavily on trucks to move goods across its large area. Truck drivers are crucial for keeping the flow of supplies going but their tough schedules and long hours of driving can…

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A motion-blurred, red semi truck seen from a driver's perspective through their car window.
What Are The Most Common Reasons For A Trucking Accident In North Carolina?

Trucking accidents can result in severe injuries, property damage, and loss of life. North Carolina, known for its busy highways and transportation routes, is familiar with such accidents. Identifying the common causes of these incidents can provide insights into areas that require improvement and contribute…

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What Is a Qualcomm System in a Truck Accident Case and Why Is It Important?

An electronic component placed in commercial trucks is called a Qualcomm system, also referred to as an Electronic Control Module (ECM). It serves as a hub for communication, enabling fleet management businesses and truck drivers to share data in real time. The system consists of…

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