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A personal injury attorney helps a client in North Carolina.
When Should I Contact An Attorney If I Have Had An Accident In North Carolina?

Experiencing an accident is an incredibly distressing event that can result in physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial strain. If you ever find yourself in such a situation in North Carolina, it is crucial to act swiftly and contact an attorney right away. Most of…

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A person uses talcum powder on their foot.
What Is Talcum Powder Litigation?

Talcum powder litigation concerns the disputes and lawsuits that have emerged concerning the use of talcum powder. Recently, there has been an overload of people who have raised concerns about talcum powder’s connection to ovarian cancer and other health problems.  Thousands have filed lawsuits claiming…

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A personal injury lawyer discusses rule 414 with a client in their office.
What Is Rule 414 In North Carolina?

According to the 2012 North Carolina General Statutes, Rule 414 or the evidence of medical expenses, states that, “Evidence offered to prove past medical expenses shall be limited to evidence of the amounts actually paid to satisfy the bills that have been satisfied, regardless of…

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Several containers of Roundup on a store shelf.
What Is The Roundup Litigation?

The Roundup litigation refers to the series of legal cases against Monsanto, the company that produces a product Roundup, which is a weed killer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is carcinogenic, which can cause…

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A man holds a mechanical arm.
What Is An Amputation In NC?

Amputation is a surgery where a doctor removes a limb or part of a limb because of a disease, injury, or other medical problems. In North Carolina, like in any other state, amputations are done to make the patient’s life better, reduce pain, and stop…

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What is MedPay?

MedPay, also referred to as medical payments coverage, is an optional add-on available in many states for car insurance policies. In the unfortunate event of a car accident, MedPay provides valuable coverage by assisting in the payment of medical expenses for both you and your…

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Meeting with a personal injury attorney
Why Should I Even Hire A PI Attorney?

Just because you can do something yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best option. Remember back in 2020 when everyone was trying DIY haircuts at home? It was a fun TikTok trend for a while, it solved a problem during social distancing, and some…

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What Should I Do Immmediatly Following a Car Accident
What happens when you sue someone with no money?

We hear this a lot. Maybe you got the idea because the other person involved in the situation has said something like, “Please don’t sue me, I’ll go bankrupt! I don’t have any money!” Or maybe you just believe that’s what happens in a personal…

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Car accident
When Should I Contact a Personal Injury Firm After An Accident?

As soon as possible. We recommend getting a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer before you talk with the insurance company, for several reasons: The insurance company representative is working to minimize the amount of money they payout for your claim. They usually mention…

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Why should I hire an attorney?
Who can I sue for my injuries?

An accident or other incident could leave you with serious injuries. This can prompt you to want to take legal action. But the issue is not only whether you can sue, but also who can you sue for injuries? The answer isn’t always easy to…

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