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A man with a broken leg, a common motorcycle accident injury, is on crutches.

Just about everyone is aware of the inherent danger that comes along with riding a motorcycle. As motorcycles are not enclosed vehicles like a regular passenger car, it is unsurprising that motorcycle collisions generally produce much more severe injuries than truck and car collisions. Even though motorcycle riders are around 29x more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than a passenger vehicle driver, the love of getting on the back of a bike and hitting the open road is enticing enough for over 8 million riders in the U.S. alone to continue to ride despite the involved risk.

As riding a motorcycle is an activity loved by many, our team of experienced attorneys at Tatum & Atkinson, ‘the Heavy Hitters’,  have compiled a list of the 10 most common motorcycle injuries. As the safety of our community is one of our top priorities, we believe that through education, riders may have the tools they need to reduce the chance of becoming injured. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the law office of Tatum & Atkinson today by calling (800) 529-0804 or contacting us online to discover if you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries.

Most Common Motorcycle Injury

1. Road Rash

The most common motorcycle injury a motorcycle rider may obtain when involved in a motorcycle accident is road rash. Road rash injuries may range from minor to extremely severe.  Road rash is a skin injury that occurs when a rider is thrown from their bike and slides across the road, resulting in an abrasion. Road rash may lead to nerve damage and skin infections. Severe road rash is often medically treated similar to a burn and may require skin grafting. Therefore, it is advisable when riding to wear proper protective gear such as a leather jacket, gloves, and pants to protect your skin and lessen the severity of skin abrasion injury if involved in an accident.

Other Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

2. Broken Bones and Fractures

After a motorcycle accident, it is very common for riders to obtain broken bones or fractures. Common motorcycle accident injuries include breaks or fractures to the forearm, shin, pelvis, or femur breaks. Broken bones need to be evaluated and treated by a medical professional, as an untreated broken bone may lead to complications or lifelong disability.

3. Leg and Foot Injuries

According to a study done by the CDC, nearly 30% of motorcycle collision injuries that do not result in death will occur to a rider’s legs or feet. Wearing motorcycle boots can assist with supporting the ankle and protecting the foot from being crushed in the event you are involved in a motorcycle collision.

4. Head and Neck Injuries

Unfortunately, head injuries are very commonly sustained after a motorcycle accident, especially with riders who choose not to wear a helmet. Motorcycle accident head injuries may cause disfigurement, brain damage, and death. In addition, interestingly, studies have positively correlated larger engine sizes with an increased risk of obtaining a head injury. Injuries like whiplash can range from minor to severe, causing life-long impairment. Finally, some injuries, such as a concussion, may not cause noticeable symptoms right away. Therefore, after a collision, it is always advised to see a medical professional right away, even if you are feeling okay.

5. Spinal Injuries

When it comes to motorcycle accident injuries and the back, the midsection of the spine, otherwise known as the thoracic spine, is the most frequently injured region among motorcycle accident injury victims after being involved in a motorcycle crash. Spinal injuries may lead to nerve damage, paralysis, chronic pain, or death. Unfortunately, a life-long injury has often been sustained if your spine has become injured after a motorcycle collision.

6. Abdominal Injuries

Abdominal injuries are also frequently found in motorcycle accident injury victims. Common types of abdominal injuries when it comes to motorcycle accidents include rib fractures, as well as heart and lung lacerations. Statistics have shown that bikers who are older have a significantly higher incident rating of chest injuries than younger riders.

7. Arm and Hand Injuries

As it is instinctual when falling for many individuals to reach out their arms to break their fall, many riders will experience hand, arm, and wrist injuries. Rider or “biker’s arm,” as it is colloquially called, is a frequently sustained serious injury that riders may sustain if involved in an accident that results in paralysis or damage to the nerves of the arm.

8. Burns

If the motorcycle falls on top of the rider or a gas tank spilled in a crash, a rider may incur severe burns. Burns are often considered one of the most severe kinds of motorcycle accident injuries, often leading to the necessity of skin grafts and other intensive care treatments.

9. Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries often occur concurrently with other injuries, such as a back injury or road rash. Therefore, by wearing protective clothing, the chance of receiving a muscle injury may be lessened. There are a range of treatments available to reduce the pain associated with muscle injuries, depending on the severity, including medications, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more.

10. Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of fatalities in motorcycle accidents. A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) may lead to permanent disability or paralysis if survived. Using a helmet is crucial when riding to protect yourself. Studies indicate that riders who wear helmets are up to 37% less likely to die in an accident.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

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