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Motorcycle safety gear including a jacket, gloves, helmet, and boots.

Here at Tatum & Atkinson, ‘the Heavy Hitters,’ we have compiled a list of motorcycle protective gear essential for a safe riding experience. Many riders wonder what safety gear they should wear while on a motorcycle, especially if they are new to riding. Due to the fact that the risk of severe injury is significantly higher while riding a motorcycle and being involved in an accident than riding in a car or truck, it is imperative that you protect yourself by using the proper safety gear. Check out the recommended motorcycle gear below that you should consider to ensure that you remain safe while out on the road.

Motorcycle Safety Gear

When thinking of safety gear, the number one thing to remember is that it is essential always to wear a helmet anytime you ride. Though it may still be legal in some states to ride without a helmet, many states now have made it illegal to ride without a helmet. Statistics show that the chances of you becoming fatally or severely injured in a collision skyrocket if you do not wear a helmet. Luckily, helmet usage is on the rise, reducing the number of annual motorcycle deaths. North Carolina law requires that all motorcyclists wear a helmet every time they ride. There are many motorcycle helmets to choose from, most of which are DOT certified.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, there are three general styles you may choose from that offer varying degrees of protection. Learn more about the three styles of motorcycle helmets below:

1. Half Helmet

The half helmet is also referred to as the beanie helmet. This style of helmet leaves the ears uncovered and is typically worn together with sunglasses or goggles. This style of helmet may make hearing easier, but it offers a lesser degree of protection than other styles of helmet.

 2. The Three-Quarter Helmet

This style of helmet is similar to the half helmet but will cover the ears of the rider. This style of helmet offers a greater degree of protection than the half-helmet and has been shown to lessen the chance of obtaining a traumatic brain injury if involved in an accident.

3. Full-Face Helmet

Full-face helmets are typically preferred by sport bike riders and hold several advantages. This style of helmet will protect a rider from bug-to-face contact, reduce noise levels, and offer the most significant degree of protection, including chin protection.

Motorcycle Safety Gear List

In addition to a proper motorcycle helmet, riders should strongly consider wearing other safety gear to protect their body in an accident. Motorcycle accident crashes can be horrifying when considering the amount of damage that can be incurred to the human body without protective gear. Wearing proper safety gear significantly reduces the chance of becoming severely injured in the event you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Gloves

If you have fallen from your bike in an accident, a frequent and common human instinctual reaction is to attempt to break the fall by putting out your hands to reduce impact. However, with no protection, this can easily lead to loss of flesh due to friction on the road surface. In some accidents, riders’ hands have been worn down to the bone, leading to fatal bone infections. Leaving the skin exposed while riding is hazardous. You will want to provide your hands with as much protection as possible if you are involved in an accident. A proper pair of motorcycle gloves can give your hands an added layer of protection against abrasion and impact.

Motorcycle Jackets & Pants

Leather jackets have become iconic representations of motorcycle riders. When a person envisions a motorcycle rider, they often imagine a biker clad in black leather and leather chaps. This is because solid evidence supports the notion that wearing leather or other protective motorcycle jackets and pants is worth the investment for the rider’s protection. Heavier, more robust leathers will provide better protection. If you are knocked from your bike and skid across a road, you will appreciate a thick added layer of protection between the pavement and your skin.  Lack of adequate protection can make you more susceptible to scarring, road rash, lacerations, burns, and other issues should you become involved in an accident. Some motorcycle jackets even offer extra padding or “body armor” to provide additional protection for riders.

Motorcycle Boots

When considering motorcycle boots, it is essential to consider that, similar to your hands, your feet require protection in the event that you are involved in a crash. Motorcycle boots will support your ankle and reduce the chance of flesh loss due to road rash. Heavy-duty motorcycle boots are available to protect your feet and ankle from the impact and abrasion associated with a crash. Heavy-duty boots will also aid in protecting your foot from being crushed from impact due to the collision.

Motorcycle Goggles/Glasses

When riding, unless you have chosen to use a full-face helmet, you must invest in motorcycle goggles or glasses. When out on the road, it is extremely easy for road debris, dirt, rocks, dust, or bugs to fly into a rider’s eyes, impairing their vision quickly. Additionally, they now have tinted visors and glasses on the market that will provide additional protection from intense sunlight that may impede your vision. Impact-resistant eyewear is available for riders to ensure they do not risk their vision.

Choice of Clothing

In order to reduce accidents that may cause severe injury or be fatal when riding a motorcycle, it is best practice to try to remain as visible as possible to other motorists. Bright clothing or wearing clothing with reflective strips helps ensure that you are seen on the road, especially if you ride at night.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

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