What’s Behind North Carolina’s Increasing Number of Motorcycle Wrecks?

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North Carolina is a popular location for motorcycle enthusiasts due to its gorgeous landscapes and scenic highways. However, the thrill of riding comes with the risk of a motorcycle accident. Each year unfortunately, North Carolina experiences a significant number of motorcycle accidents, many of which end in severe injuries or fatalities. While these accidents can happen for a number of reasons, knowing what usually causes them along with taking additional safety measures can help both riders and drivers stay safe on the road.

Motorcycle Wrecks In North Carolina That Have Resulted In Injuries And Fatalities

Motorcycle wrecks in North Carolina are often fatal, resulting in severe injuries or death. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), there were an estimated 3,982 motorcycle accidents in the state alone in 2020, with 157 deaths and 3,078 injuries.

A motorbike accident can have long-term effects for both the rider and those close to them.  In these crashes, injuries might range from simple cuts and bruises to more severe injuries like fractured bones, spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injuries. The psychological impact can be equally severe, as the effects of a crash can leave riders dealing with physical and mental pain, lost income, and rising medical expenses.

Been In A Motorcycle Wreck?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident in North Carolina, you should know what to do next. Your first goal should be to seek medical assistance, but you should also consider calling an expert motorcycle accident lawyer.

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