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Being involved in an accident or other incident can cause you harm, resulting in serious injuries. The injuries that you suffer are not only painful emotionally and physically, but the harm also takes a financial toll because it is usually costly to treat. This is the reason that you will likely want to pursue some form of compensation. However, it takes more than just the desire to sue and the need for money after your injury to warrant a lawsuit. Read on to get information about whether you can sue after an accident.

If you believe that you have a personal injury claim, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney sooner rather than later. When an attorney is involved from the start, you have an advantage because they can act on your behalf during every phase. Even if you’re not sure you can actually sue, talking to an attorney can help you see if you have a case. The lawyers at Tatum & Atkinson can give you a free consultation for this very reason.   

Before you even get to a consultation, you can ask a few questions to help you get prepared and to give indications as to whether you can sue, including the following:

Were you seriously injured? Did your close family member die as a result of the accident?

Obviously, you were hurt after your accident or injury-causing incident. But the question is about the degree and severity of your injuries. For instance, a car accident can cause very serious injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or broken bones. If your accident yields more than minor cuts and scratches and rises to severe injuries or your family member died as a result, this is in the conversation for a lawsuit.

Are you unable to work or do the same job?

 If your injuries are so extensive and serious that it prevents you from doing your job, you should definitely talk to an attorney about filing a claim. Your lawyer can help with determining your lost income and calculating how the injuries could impact your future earnings.  

Are the injuries greatly impacting your quality of life?

You aren’t just compensated for economic damages like loss of income or medical bills. Did you know that you can also receive money for non-economic things like quality-of-life issues? For example, if you participated in dance competitions and classes for fun and exercise (not part of your income) prior to the accident and after the accident, you can no longer do it, you may be able to receive compensation for situations like this.  

When did your accident occur?

 All states have a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, and this includes North Carolina. In NC, the time limit you have to file is usually three years from the date of the accident or two years after the death of your relative.

 Find Out If You Can Sue After Your Accident/Injury?

 You may have been injured, but it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a valid claim. If you’re asking yourself the question “Can I sue after my accident,” an experienced legal professional can help you answer this important question. Contact us here at Tatum & Atkinson, where our lawyers can give you a free consultation to start and will provide the next steps to take. We are different starting with your first call which puts you on the line with one of our firm partners, not an intake specialist. We value your time and want to help you!