Do Personal Injury Attorneys Help Me Pay My Bills?

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After you’ve been injured in in a car accident or another dramatic event, you may have to endure lots of medical care, such as doctor visits and ongoing physical therapy. According to North Carolina law, if another person wrongfully causes your injuries, they are liable for your medical bills. However, the wrongdoer may shriek responsibility and delay paying. Sometimes it’s because they want to make a low-ball settlement more appealing or want to press you into filing a lawsuit. Fortunately, an accident victim can work with a personal injury attorney to navigate the legal process to get money to pay your bills. To get help, you can speak with a winning Tatum & Atkins attorney today to discuss your legal options, find out the value of your case and get started at no cost to you with our no fee/no win approach.

How North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help with Your Medical Bills

There are various ways that knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers can assist you with getting compensation to cover financial costs for health care providers and medical professionals. Even if you have to pay some of your treatment out-of-pocket, it may be reimbursed after an effective claim or suit.

Here are just a few of the examples of ways that the personal injury lawyer ‘s acts can benefit you in assisting with paying your bills:

  • Obtain a complete medical history from all medical care providers including all medical treatment and all medical expenses. Additionally, they can track and total all health care expenses from the accident or incident.
  • Correspond on your behalf with all insurance companies, so that you don’t disclose information adverse to your claim.
  • Negotiate a personal injury settlement, which will pay your health care expenses (often at a lower rate).

Sources to Help Pay Your Bills

To get medical bills paid after a North Carolina accident or injury, an injured person will often need to look to these sources:

  • Private health insurance
  • Government health insurance
  • A health care provider willing to work on a medical lien basis

What are Medical Liens in Personal Injury?

When you’re injured and receive treatment in North Carolina, the facility or provider can place a medical lien against any personal injury settlement that you get. The rationale is that if you were treated for certain injuries and received money, you should have to pay the medical bills associated with those injuries.

Limits on Medical Liens

However, state law mandates specific limitations on personal injury medical liens. The lien is created as long as the following is true:

  • The provider does not charge for medical records and medical billing
  • Written notice of the lien is given to your attorney
  • The liens in total are limited to 1/2 of the settlement, minus attorney fees and costs.

Get Legal Help with Your Bills from an Experienced NC Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, at-fault parties don’t always pay up right away after you’ve been injured. This can make it especially difficult when you have major injuries, and your health care costs are astronomical. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced attorney in your corner. Look no further than the hard-working attorneys at Tatum & Atkins, who will work with you to figure out your options. Contact us today to get started.