How Can I Pay My Medical Bills Until I Get My Check?

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It is pretty well established that when you get into an accident, you should receive compensation for your medical bills from the negligent party. Unfortunately, you won’t see any of the financial compensation until the case has been through the settlement process and that’s assuming that the insurance company agrees to pay. And then there’s the added problem that occurs when your injury leaves you unable to work and you have no income. One of your biggest worries is: How can I pay my medical bills until I get my check?

There isn’t an easy answer to the question, but experienced personal injury attorneys must deal with this question on behalf of their clients all of the time and can give you help in this time of need. For assistance, you can talk to one of our skilled Tatum & Atkinson attorneys to find out about next steps to take.

Even if you’re lucky and you somehow get a quick settlement, it’s never too soon because by the time it comes, you will likely be buried with medical bills. During this waiting period, you can look to various sources to pay for the bills that are due after you’ve been injured.

Sources to Help Pay Bills

  • Health Insurance: If you have health insurance, this is one of the first places that you can look to. Unless another insurance provider has been listed as the primary insurance, such as the insurance company of the other driver or workers’ compensation, your health insurance provider can cover the medical expenses. Some physicians may be willing to work with you based on the agreement that they will receive payment once you get your settlement. This also can include Medicare.
  • Car Insurance: For car accident victims, that have certain types of insurance on their policies, this coverage may kick in during the waiting period. While other states require personal injury protection (PIP), which can help in these situations, PIP is not available in North Carolina. Instead, NC insurance companies offer medical payments insurance. For instance, MedPay helps with hospital bills resulting from an auto accident. MedPay is like PIP insurance because both entities take care of your medical bills even if you cause a car accident. This is especially significant because North Carolina has contributory negligence, so if you’re found in any way at fault, you would not be able to recover damages.
  • Personal Injury Loans: There’s a possibility of taking out a loan, but it’s not generally recommended due to high interest rates and the unpredictability of settlements. If you get less than you anticipated, you will be stuck with a deficit and the interest.
  • Disability Claims: In some cases, if you have an extended time for recovery, your physician may be able to provide documentation that will allow you to file for disability.

Consult with a North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

At Tatum & Atkinson, we really understand how challenging it can be to cover your costs and expenses while you’re waiting for your settlement to be processed. We can work to help to ease your financial stress while you’re recovering from your injuries and waiting to recover your much-needed funds. Contact our firm for a free consultation, followed by our no fee/no win approach. We work hard to get you the most money possible as quickly as possible so you can move on from your accident!

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