How Are Truck Accidents Different From Other Types of Accidents?

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A tire is blown out on a semi after a large truck accident.

Not all car crashes are the same; some have a tendency to be more severe than others. Learn how a truck accident lawyer in North Carolina may help and the distinctions between a truck accident and a car accident. Auto accidents, regardless of their type, are dangerous because they can cause severe or minor injuries and damage to vehicles. The type of vehicle involved, the persons involved, and the extent of the damage can differ in every auto accident. However, compared to the typical vehicle collision, truck accidents are more serious. A truck accident attorney in North Carolina can support you in your battle for the just compensation you deserve if you were injured in a truck accident.

Truck Accident Law Firm in North Carolina

If you were in a truck accident in North Carolina, you need to know the differences between a truck accident and a car accident when pursuing compensation. Understanding the legal process will aid you in getting the money you are entitled to. Contact an experienced truck accident Law Firm in North Carolina, such as Tatum & Atkinson, ‘the Heavy Hitters,’ to learn more about how a truck accident attorney can help you.

Truck Accidents

The American Trucking Association estimates that 72.5% of the nation’s freight is transported by trucks. They generated a gross freight value of $732.3 billion in 2020, demonstrating the significance of trucks to the country’s economy. Despite being necessary, they provide a significant risk to drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. For instance, 4,842 heavy vehicles were involved in fatal collisions in 2020, according to the National Safety Council (NSC).

Any collision involving an 18-wheeler, a semi-truck, a tractor-trailer, or any other kind of commercial truck that causes injuries and property damage is referred to as a “truck accident.” They might happen due to careless truck drivers, neglected vehicles, or disregard for federal laws by trucking businesses. Long travel days can cause truck drivers to lose energy while operating their vehicles. Sadly, those in small passenger cars and other careless drivers are the ones who suffer the majority of truck crash fatalities and injuries. Get emergency medical attention and contact the police if you are struck by a truck while driving. The most crucial thing to do is to contact a truck accident attorney in North Carolina to safeguard your legal rights.

What Distinguishes Truck Accidents From Car Accidents?

Truck accidents differ from other types of passenger vehicle accidents for many reasons. They consist of the following:

Larger Than Other Vehicles

Commercial trucks are substantially larger than regular automobiles. When loaded, these vehicles weigh thousands of pounds, which raises the possibility of crashes. Due to the weight disparity, a truck colliding with a car with much greater force than most cars can handle.

Additionally, compared to smaller cars, they are more challenging to maneuver away from hazardous road conditions due to their weight. They also take longer to stop. A collision involving a large truck can have catastrophic results. Semi-trucks or heavy rigs can crush smaller vehicles.

The Losses Are More Serious

Truck collisions bring on the most severe injuries and property damage of any type of acccident. An injury victim may incur thousands of dollars in medical costs, suffer permanent disability, pass away instantly, or pass away from complications while receiving care.

The Complexity of Truck Accident Claims

Car accident claims are much simpler than truck accident claims. First off, North Carolina is an at-fault state. The at-fault driver must compensate injured victims through their insurance providers. You must, however, prove the negligent party’s liability. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to establish negligence in trucking accidents than in auto accidents. This is because truck cases are complicated, there are many contributing factors, and there are often many persons involved. For instance, other parties may also be liable. As a result, you must thoroughly examine the case to pinpoint every potential party that acted negligently. The additional parties listed below may also be at fault:

  • The employer of the driver (truck company)
  • The truck manufacture
  • The maintenance and repair company
  • Governmental body in charge of roads, etc.

The driver might bear primary responsibility for the collision even if other factors and parties contributed to it. You must prove the following for your truck accident claim to succeed:

  • The truck driver has a responsibility to use reasonable caution to protect other drivers
  • That the truck driver violated his obligation either intentionally or unintentionally
  • That the victim suffered harm as a result of the duty breach
  • The victim’s injury led to financial losses.

Investigating Truck-Related Accidents

To establish liability in truck collision situations, extensive investigations are needed. Without supporting proof, victims may find it challenging to show culpability. Following a collision, a trucking firm sends a team of professionals to the accident scene to gather data and formulate a legal defense. Because of this, the earlier you contact a truck accident attorney in North Carolina, the sooner they can start an investigation and gather evidence.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Accident victims are entitled to financial support for their losses and injuries. However, receiving reimbursement could be challenging. As was previously indicated, careless truck drivers frequently contest liability for collisions, and insurance companies just work to reduce their liability. Although it can be intimidating, an attorney can fight for you by taking on the trucking company and the insurers. Your truck accident lawyer in North Carolina will assess your case and the evidence at hand before determining the value of your claim. To calculate the just payment you receive, they will consider many variables, including the severity of your injuries.

They can also assist you in pursuing damages for:

  • Future and previous medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Damage to property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Repair costs
  • Long-term or temporary disabilities
  • And more

Commercial truck drivers frequently have more comprehensive insurance coverage than auto drivers. There could be several insurance companies as well. As a result, insurance providers are more combative when handling truck accident claims. They are more interested in preserving their profit than compensating your damages. Additionally, to reduce the amount paid to wounded victims, trucking corporations vigorously defend themselves against lawsuits made against them. Finally, insurance adjusters may contact victims to make a settlement offer. Typically, the initial offer is insufficient to pay for your medical care, vehicle damage, and other related expenses. This may often overwhelm and confuse injured victims. Therefore, a truck accident attorney in North Carolina should handle all correspondence and negotiations on your behalf. A lawyer will examine your case and evaluate the damages to determine how much compensation you should receive.

Truck Accident Attorney in North Carolina

We will assist you throughout the legal process if you were hurt or lost a loved one in a truck accident. At Tatum & Atkinson, ‘the Heavy Hitters,’ we’ll work to determine the entire extent of your losses and fight to secure full and just compensation for you. If you or a loved one have been injured by a truck, do not hesitate to contact an experienced truck accident attorney at Tatum & Atkinson, ‘the Heavy Hitters,’ by calling (800) 529-0804 or contacting us online to schedule your case evaluation today. An experienced truck accident attorney will represent you in negotiations with the insurance company, explain your legal rights, respond to your inquiries, and seek the best possible outcome for your case. In addition, at Tatum & Atkinson, ‘the Heavy Hitters,’ you owe us nothing unless we win.

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