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What Is Insurance Bad Faith In NC?

Insurance is meant to give policyholders peace of mind and financial protection when needed. However, in some cases, insurance companies act in bad faith, undermining the very purpose of insurance. In North Carolina and many other states, this is a serious concern with significant consequences…

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A lawyer in an office taking notes for a client's insurance claim.
What Are The Tricks Insurance Companies Use In North Carolina To Pay You Less?

In a perfect world, when you have a valid insurance claim, insurance companies would quickly and fairly give you the money you’re owed. But in reality, insurance companies aim to make as much profit as they can, so they often try to pay as little…

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Kaitlyn Anderson Tragic Accident

Montpelier, Idaho, is grappling with the loss of 24-year-old Kaitlyn Anderson, a single mom whose life was cut short in a tragic car accident on December 3. As the community mourns, additional details about the accident have emerged, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding this…

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A car accident lawyer sitting at a table and discussing a case with a client.
What Happens When I Am In A Wreck With A Lyft Driver In North Carolina?

Getting hurt and having your car damaged after an accident can be really tough. It can make you feel not just physically and emotionally hurt, but also stressed about money. If you were in a car wreck while you were using Lyft or if a…

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A personal injury lawyer reviewing a case in an office.
What Happens When A Door Dasher Hits Me In North Carolina

In today’s world, getting our favorite meals delivered by services like DoorDash is super convenient. But here’s the catch, sometimes accidents happen with DoorDash drivers. Accidents can happen anywhere, and even in North Carolina, they’re a chance occurrence. If you’ve been in a collision with…

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Rideshare accident icon on a phone. Black car in background.
What Happens When I Am In A Wreck With An Uber Driver In North Carolina

Services like Uber changed how we get around, making it easy to travel using our phones. But accidents can still happen, even when you’re in an Uber. If you’re ever in a car accident with an Uber driver in North Carolina, it’s important to know…

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The aftermath of a truck driver fatigue accident in North Carolina.
What Are The Consequences Of Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents In North Carolina?

North Carolina is a busy state with a strong economy so it often depends heavily on trucks to move goods across its large area. Truck drivers are crucial for keeping the flow of supplies going but their tough schedules and long hours of driving can…

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A young woman posts to social media in a coffee shop.
How Social Media Posts Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case In North Carolina

Social media is a big part of our lives, letting us connect and share things with people all over the world. But it also comes with some problems, especially in personal injury cases. In North Carolina, and many other places, what you post on social…

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Aftermath of a motorcycle accident.
What Happens In a Motorcycle Accident When You Lose a Leg?

In a motorcycle accident where you lose a leg, several things can happen. The leg can be severed between metal objects during the collision or in severe cases, it may require surgical amputation. This can completely turn your life upside down. The effects are not…

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A drunk driver at the wheel in North Carolina.
What Are The Effect Of Drunk Drivers In North Carolina?

Drinking and driving is a dangerous behavior that can have severe consequences. Alcohol impairs your judgment, coordination, and vision, making it difficult to control the vehicle effectively and react to hazards on the road.  Violating the law by driving with a blood alcohol concentration of…

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